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Sustainable Wedding Decor Ideas

Ghostwritten piece giving tips on wedding decor alternatives.

With a couple of tweaks to your wedding décor before the big day, you can be one step closer to a zero-waste wedding.

The Manor Restaurant 

Prepping for the First Day of College

Advice for new and nervous college students.

As you finish organizing your college dorm room and wave goodbye to your parents, you may find yourself with first-day jitters…Here is a list curated by Test Prep Score of some ways to prepare for your first day of college.

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The Top Influencer Marketing Software

Recommendations for those looking to tap into the full potential of influencer marketing.

…boost your marketing efforts with an influencer partnership meant to last.

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How to Create the Ultimate Backyard Paradise

Homeowners can take these suggestions to spruce up their backyard.

Enjoy the late summer and early autumn weather by upgrading your backyard into the ultimate paradise. There are still memories you can make with family, friends, and even yourself. Here are some tips to make your outdoor living space the perfect setting for fun and ample relaxation.

Shoreline Pools

Choosing the Right Analytics Attribution Model

An article where marketers can learn how to review their strategy by utilizing different attribution models.

How do you identify the underperforming strategies and the ones that exceed expectations? This is where an analytics attribution model comes into play.

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The Top Challenges in Entering New Global Amazon Marketplaces

Before an eCommerce business expands to the next level, they should know what issues to watch out for and prepare.

Although brands will encounter multiple challenges in a new Amazon market, effective preparation and research will minimize headaches. 

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